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Friday, March 22, 2013

Just About One of the Best Sports

Mixed Martial Art just like many other sports is trying to gain prominence among the sport personalities. It is important for people to learn that this sport requires plenty of discipline and energy. Without that, it will be hard for an individual to make it through the opponents fights. Trying to be equipped all rounded in striking, wrestling, and grappling will help one be able to stand up against an opponent who may skills of the sport.
Despite the fact that the sport is often associated with blood shot face, it is a pure sport. Often, it is a sport that outdoes many other forms of sports seen around. Its barbaric fighting mechanism ended with the introduction of UFC laws in regulation of the sport. The reason why this sport has been in a position to grow fast is:
The natures of the sport making it stand out as an entertainment feature. It has become much better than the reality TV shows featured. The UFC matches pose the look of great professional sport entertainment to the world. MMA is just picking its reputation among the populations very fast.
MMA takes in people who are of courage and have a spirit to fight on. There are no crybabies in the sport thus making it gain its popularity fast.
With the rules set in place for the game, it is not easy for a fighter to get a concussion. Many end up getting affected by other complications rather than a concussion caused by an injury from the sport.
The sport is legitimate and its operations do not revolve around any instances of corruption. No scandals are associated with the sport thus making it a genuinely pleasant sport.
There is fairness in the sport. Matches are fought between contestants of the same weight class thus ensuring that none has an advantage over others in the sport.
Competitive rewards of the fighters as well as entertainment for the spectators are a good reason to keep the match alive in different areas around the world. In addition to this, it trains participants on self-defense that is beneficial to them.

If you want to get involved in MMA, you need the MMA Gear to train. Including:
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

GSP shut dow Diaz

So, GSP shut down Diaz last night, that was awesome. Sometimes you have to feel bad for the guy that loses after a feud for over a year. The fight went for 5 rounds and it was pretty entertaining watching Nick get the tar beat out of him. Pretty shameful that now Diaz after so much talk is saying he's going to quit MMA. I guess GSP hurt his feelings along with the rest of his body.

Anyway, thats my 2 cents on the fight. MMA is an awesome sport and I'm glad to be able to keep up with it more now that my kids are a little older. If you want to get into MMA and need some great MMA Gear, check out http://www.rdxinc.co.uk for the very best in MMA Gear like boxing glovesknee pads, body protector, muay thai kick pads, MMA Clothing and more.

Yeah, I know, plugging products but it makes a living, lol. Keep watching, keep fighting, keep bleeding. Do me a solid and click share/like/etc.

Read more about the fight here

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


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